linuxburn screenshot

The goal of this project was to develop software that allows the operation of the Moates BURN1 from Unix-based operating systems, from the command line or a GTK+ GUI.


Version 0.25 supports reading and writing the Atmel AT29C256 chip. It may work with chips that are compatible with the AT29C256. The GUI is fully functional. There is also a command line interface.

To open the linuxburn GUI (version 0.20+ only), use the command: linuxburn -serial=/dev/ttyUSB0 where /dev/ttyUSB0 is the port your BURN1 resides on.

To burn binfile.bin to the chip use the command: linuxburn -serial=/dev/ttyUSB0 –write binfile.bin

To read the contents of the chip to outfile.bin use the command: linuxburn -serial=/dev/ttyUSB0 –read outfile.bin

The program does not currently retry if a single block write fails for any reason (such as a serial hardware error). These errors DO occasionally occur. If the burn process terminates early, just try it again. Read error retries are handled automatically. More improvements for this coming in the next version…

The default start address is 0x0000, and the default end address is 0x7FFF. You can choose start and end addresses with the command line options –start=0x0000 and end=0x7FFF. Note that data is read and written in 256-byte blocks, so your start addresses should be the start of a 256-byte block (i.e. 0x007400) and your end addresses should be the end of a 256-byte block (i.e. 0x0074FF). A burn will stop when the end address is encountered or the input file has no more bytes left to burn.

The latest source is always available here on my code site, currently hosted on Bitbucket.